Sunday, July 14, 2024

Police bust cattle rustling syndicate in Maun

A 24 year old notorious cattle rustler from Maun who is yet to be identified is scheduled to appear before the Maun Magistrate’s Court this week following a raid at his place in Disaneng ward.

Police found the suspect’s acquaintance with cattle intestines and other parts stuffed into a drain in his backyard. At the scene, police also found fresh cow heads and several cowhides which were scattered all over the place.

Acting on a tip off, the police rushed to the place in an isolated area and found four young men aged between 24 and 35 busy clearing the backyard. They reportedly told the police that they had only been engaged to do the clean up and denied any knowledge of where the slaughtered cattle came from. While the police were busy questioning them, one of them is said to have fled the scène, only to reappear later.

According to Maun Police station commander Superintendent Motlhaba Ramaabya, the  main suspect, who was said to be in Rakops at the time of arrests later handed himself to police where he is currently remanded, awaiting a court appearance. In his backyard, there is a neatly built kraal where it is believed that together with his men, they trek cattle into the yard before slaughtering them immediately, and then throwing all remains into the deep drain.

“Investigations are ongoing, and we are yet to establish how the other men are linked to this matter. This is a very sensitive matter. Unfortunately we didn’t find any branding on the confiscated cowhides as they had already been cut into pieces”, he said.

 The Telegraph later established that the suspect (names withheld) operates one of the busiest butcheries situated at Boseja ward, and is rumored to have opened yet another one in Gaborone just recently.

Maun and the rest of Ngamiland district is one of the many places in Botswana where cattle rustling is on the rise.

 In most cases, syndicates of butchery operators, most of who have never owned cattle, are usually involved.

Since January to September 2016 alone, Ramaabya said they have recorded a total of 59 cases of stock theft.


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