Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Maun Secondary School hit by a series of horror incidents

Education Regional Director Acronews Maseko says it can only take a lunatic to embark on the horrific incidents recently experienced at Maun Secondary School in a series of three days. He said some students there have been problematic, and that their diabolic acts have now started to raise eyebrows.

The police had to be called into the school on Monday morning after it was reported that some students who came earlier that day were met with a horrific site of what looked like body parts from a dead dog, which were displayed in seven classrooms. Each of the seven classrooms according to Maun Station Commander Superintendent Kenny Badumetse had either a dog’s heart, liver, lungs or some other parts pinned to the white board or on students’ desks while some just lay on the floor.

In one of the classrooms, clean intestines were found hanging from a Television stand. Accompanying the parts were words written on the white board which read in poor English grammar “I am kill, 5 gal”. The same words were repeated in all the seven classes and the police and teachers there could still not figure out what the author was trying to communicate. In one class, the white board was written “fuck god, dead 5 gal”. One school teacher was also named as one of those who were to be killed.

“We also suspect the bloodied tongue which we found in one of the classes was used as a writing tool. The writer also used blood as ink, as the wording on the white boards was all red from the blood derived from the dog. We also suspect that whoever might have killed the dog might have taken time to do so, as most of the parts appeared to have been cleaned. This is one disturbing incident which also traumatized students and teachers, and whoever is behind this is going to feel the wrath of the law, should they be caught”.

As if that was not enough, Badumetse said a dead dove was also found pinned in a white board the following day. Then after the students had gone for their third period in a different classroom on Wednesday morning, they discovered a pythons’ head which was also found pinned on the white board when they got back to their classroom. The station commander is pleading with whoever might have information on all the incidents to come forward and report to them. At the moment, he said preliminary investigations are ongoing. Should the perpetrator be caught, Badumetse said they will be charged with common nuisance, criminal trespass and or cruelty to animals.


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