Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Suicide incidents rock Maun

Maun police and tribal leaders are reportedly grappling to control spiraling incidents of suicide. Reports indicate that since the beginning of the year, twenty five (25) people have already committed suicide.

Criminal Investigations Department’s Divisional Commander (north) Kesetsenao Tshweneetsile told Sunday Standard on Friday that three students are among the 25 who committed suicide in Maun.

He said that one of the students committed suicide after failing his final examinations. He also explained that most of those who commit suicide are aged between 18 and 49.

Men also commit suicide more than women. Some left suicide notes while others did not.

Tshweneitsile said that from the suicides notes that they have recovered, they have gathered that people take their own lives because of money and social problems. He urged those who have problems to seek assistance from their families and counselors.

The Public Relations Officer in the Ministry of Education, Nomsa Zuze, also urged students to talk to guidance and counseling teachers when they have problems.


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