Thursday, June 20, 2024

Men and their habitual mistakes

People are different; they think differently, they behave differently, and they do things differently.

As such, people have different perspectives on relationships. When they do correlate, it is in most cases because of compromise. Relationships are in most cases very volatile. In most relationships, the pettiest issues can be blown out of proportion, and ultimately end what would otherwise have been a great relationship.

A lot of people have changed their lifestyles to suit those of their partners. I know of former boozers and party animals that have, for the sake of love, mended their ways and changed into faithful church goers and Bible thumpers.

But, in most cases, people who are in love are the exact opposite of each other. In such instances, the pettiest issues are almost always talked about every day.

Take, for example, the small matter of the toothpaste cap. Most men do not even bother to cap the toothpaste after using it. They leave it lying in the sink, open and spilling toothpaste all over the sink. This leaves many of their female partners flustered. They cannot, for the love of god, understand how men need to be reminded about such a small hygienic matter every day.

Keeping a clean house is work. Well, for women. Lifting the toilet seat up before peeing is a laborious task for many men. Wiping the toilet seat after spilling urine all over it is almost impossible. For many men, leaving clothes strewn all over the house is an enjoyable feat. Picking them up is not.
But the thing about men is that they are so sweet and apologetic.
“Sorry babe, I will do better next time. Can you just pick them up for me for the last time?” they would say sweetly, after being rebuked like little boys.

Most men also never bother returning calls. But the fact is that women need communication, they thrive on it.
“I hate it when I send my man a message and he does not respond. Or when he cuts me off, saying that he is in a meeting, and then never bothers to call me back,” says Kefilwe Mabua.

But there are some men out there who are willing to change for their women. The fact is that women are control freaks. It is in their nature. They do it even when they do not realize it. Many men prefer to just comply, mainly because they value their peace, and
really want to shut their women up.

It is a fact that women almost always choose the kind of clothes that their men wear. They choose their hairstyles. Many men do not keep hair because their women want them bald. Many men will cut off their dreads because their women want them to. Well, except for the Rastafarians.

But despite their little mistakes, women just cannot live without men. Many men do not even understand the meaning of lonely. They cannot comprehend how their women demand that they be home almost all day, or why women complain when they hog the remote control and concentrate on the soccer match instead of cuddling with loved ones. The fact is that men are irritating, but women just love them, despite their habitual mistakes.


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