Thursday, June 20, 2024

Men are an endangered species

Dear Editor,

I strongly believe that it?s time to urgently declare a decade of restoring the dignity of men
Men are an endangered species and need to be protected from extinction.

Of course, they are also very dangerous, including to themselves.

It?s a fact that most killers, murderers, robbers, car highjackers, rapists, terrorists, suicide bombers, rebels, religious fanatics, drunkards, etc are men.
You only have to pay a casual visit to court, or prison, to confirm the obvious. That our society is suffering from severe drought of good men is obvious.

?Mr. Editor, I believe the above illustrations clearly confirm that, generally, men are a very dangerous species. However, that is not to suggest that men do not have any good qualities and characteristics.
They do, but for purposes of this article, the focus is deliberately on the bad side of the male gender.
Mr. Editor, how many innocent children out there are suffering because the man who enjoyed providing the seed suddenly developed amnesia and got himself overrun by an invisible train, thus rendering himself permanently absent?

?? Mr. Editor, I now wish to deal with the issue of men being an endangered species. In most armies, it is the men who are sacrificed to join the army and fight all the useless wars which benefit nobody except satisfy elevated egos of certain male species.

In the homes and families, the few men who have not run away from responsibility and are trying to live a decent normal life are silently abused by their wives.

Women are masters at silent torture and hidden cruelty.

Mr. editor, as we commemorate women?s day, let us think about those men who are losing weight by the day ?due to sexual sanctions unilaterally imposed on them by their own lawfully wedded wives.

Their wives enjoy parading the expensive shining gold or diamond ?rings and security of having a male guard in the house performing all the difficult chores but being deprived of the fruit in the middle of the garden. These poor so-called husbands have nobody to share their woes with; some resort to being workaholics, ?ofisi ke botshabelo?, or perpetual visits to the cattle post, drinking, servicing brothels and prostitutes, gambling, etc as a form of secondary relief.

?Mr. Editor, some men are suffering.

They are not receiving the respect that is befitting a husband.

They are verbally abused by their nagging wives.
They are treated like an ATM machine, only approached when there is a need for money.
Some are paying maintenance for children who are not theirs.

Some have been blackmailed into secret out of court maintenance settlements for fear of exposure.
You can see that there is no love in the whole thing; the poor man is being punished for succumbing to temptation.

Mr. Editor, often times, when we discuss the issue of passion killings, men are always viewed as the aggressor, but, with due respect, I beg to differ.
In all the above circumstances, some men have approached parents and the police only to be laughed at for being beaten by a woman.

Other than the army, look at the construction industry which is booming internationally; it is predominantly the men who dig the trenches.
Other than car washing, most of the menial jobs like cleaning and being a housemaid, the boy child is discriminated against.

The man who provides the vital seed that is needed to bring about the baby is not given three months paternity leave to participate in the bonding with the baby.

Mr. Editor, its time to fight for the restoration of the rights of men.

Whereas our law of marriage is going through a revolution, it is biased in favour of women.
For example, Mr. Editor, after abolishing the God ordained privilege of a married man?s status as the head of the family, why did we omit to abolish lobola, and thagela? Surely, if two consenting adults misbehave, you cannot say that one was more misbehaving than the other unless you have a way of measuring their various levels of enjoyment. Nor can we say that it is the man who must be penalized for getting a wife when headship has been abolished. I propose that all men who paid thagela and lobola be immediately compensated with compounded interest. ?

Its time to protect this dangerous and endangered species called men. As our national anthem says ?Tsogang banna,? indeed the male folk need to awake from slumber. I rest my case.
Attorney Chuchuchu Nchunga Nchunga
P Bag 009, Gaborone 71467812? 3939197 Home
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