Monday, July 15, 2024

“MPs are an embarrassment”

Dear Editor

The recent non appearance of some Members of Parliament for a session is a clear sign of where Botswana could be heading.
These men and women do not show any respect for the electorate.

If legislators are to be followed around like naughty toddlers then God help us all; lefatshe le tsile go re tswa diatleng. Parliament should be one of the few places where ordinary Batswana can run to in times of need, but what good is it to run to an empty house?

Socialisation is a fragile and collective process and people in power need to ACT THEIR PART for that is their responsibility. Bomma le Borra, BATSWANA BA LO LEBILE, ESENG HELA KA MATLHO…

Nthontho Dibotelo


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