Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Merafhe unfazed by adultery suit

Vice President, Mompati Merafhe, facing a P3 million legal suit on allegations of having untoward relations with one Stephen Badisang’s wife, took time off his official assignment at Cresta Marakanelo in Francistown last Thursday to update the audience on his emotional handling of the situation.

He blamed the legal suit on his political detractors saying a friend had commented about his ‘’calm and spritely disposition” despite his legal woes.

“I just met a friend who commented that I look calm and unharassed despite the lawsuit that I am facing. But my philosophy in life is that if one succumbs to political intimidation, life will come to a standstill,” he reported.

Merafhe said he never had any relations with Badisang’s wife, saying that “the woman was just a member of my campaign team”.

The court has asked Badisang to prepare his papers in order to permit the respondent to react in accordance with conventions of the judiciary.


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