Saturday, March 6, 2021

MI espionage security breach ÔÇô Batswana’s lives at risk

Botswana Defence Force (BDF) Military Intelligence (MI) is reeling from the most damaging security breach ever that has put Batswana’s lives at risk and compromised the privacy of citizens. BDF has convened a board of inquiry to investigate the alleged disappearance of an undisclosed number of GSM jammers and CelleBrite phone data spying equipment. Sunday Standard investigations have turned up information that in the hands of saboteurs, GSM jammers can be used to launch a Wireless Denial of Service (WDoS) attacks against Botswana.

The jammers can be used to block public safety radio communications with emergency responders like ambulances, fire brigades and police during emergencies and can also disrupt 9-1-1 calls. The United States Enforcement Bureau says it has received reports from police and fire departments receiving interference from operation of illegal jamming devices. Sunday Standard has also turned up information detailing how vast and evasive the survallance capabilities of the allegedly missing CellBrite phone data spying equipment can be.

The device is like something out of a Hames Bond movie and Intelligence officers using the technology can lift the contents from your phone in far less time than it takes to conduct a normal traffic stop. Experts even warn that if you get pulled over, you should remove the battery from your cellular phone to avoid possible security officers hacking into you phone and copying its data.

The technology allows security officers to in less than three minutes circumvent all of your passwords and encryptions as well as retrieving data that you deleted long ago. Call history, text messages, internet history, bookmarks and even hidden or encrypted data is no match for the CelleBrite UFED. According to their website these are some of its key features:

ÔÇó Performs physical, logical, file system and user password extractions
ÔÇó Extraction of existing, hidden and deleted data
ÔÇó iOS physical extraction, decoding & real-time decryption
ÔÇó Android extraction & decoding
ÔÇó BlackBerry physical extraction & decoding
ÔÇó Physical extraction from Nokia BB5 devices
ÔÇó Portable GPS device’s extraction & decoding
ÔÇó Forensically sound environment with proprietary boot loaders
ÔÇó Bypass phone user lock code
ÔÇó Access to internal application data
ÔÇó Internal phone data: IMSI history, past SIM cards used, past user lock code history

BDF military intelligence has not been able to establish the whereabouts of the missing equipment which can be used by politicians to spy on their rivals, by criminals and even rogue hackers.


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