Saturday, December 3, 2022

MI high-ups accused of picking intelligence kitty

Senior military Intelligence officers’ flashy lifestyles have touched off allegations that they are skimming off money from the intelligence gathering secret fund. Some insiders claim that the officers are living far beyond their means with some owning a number of properties in Gaborone.

The Military Intelligence is allegedly allocated P200, 000 every month, insiders however claim that the bulk of the secret funds provided for intelligence gathering had ended up lining the pockets military intelligence high ups. Some are believed to be using ghost sources to misappropriate the intelligence money.

It is understood that every month after the BDF has filed a request for funds, a bank of Botswana cheque is issued. The cheque is cashed by junior officers who hand over the money to senior MI agents for distribution to the various MI operations.

In this case the MI headquarters handle cash and thereafter distributes the money to the rest of the MI operation areas.

BDF Directorate of Protocol and Public Affairs, Colonel Paul Sharp, declined to disclose how much funds are allocated for intelligence gathering at MI headquarters, Village, Selibe Phikwe, Francistown, Maun and Shakawe where MI operatives are based.

“This is operational information that cannot be disclosed for security reasons. Funds are allocated as per operational requirements. However, figures cannot be disclosed,” Colonel Sharp said in response to Sunday Standard enquiries.

The BDF said it is not aware of allegations that senior MI officers were illegally helping themselves to the tax-payer’s money. Asked what measures were in place to guard against theft of funds Sharp said distribution and utilization of funds are kept in records for accountability purposes.


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