Sunday, March 3, 2024

Military extra judicial killings in Botswana

Dear editor

The use of excessive force and military weapons against fellow citizens by government’s Intelligence Service Agents and military personnel in Botswana can, in some jurisdictions, be interpreted as an indirect civil war against unsuspecting civilians.

The Green Party of Botswana, a peace oriented environmental political party in exile, is demanding that President Lt. General Ian Khama swears an Oath and tell the nation nothing else but the truth about the alleged recent military extra judicial killing concerning a fellow citizen, the now late John Kalafatis (God Bless his Soul).

The President should also elaborate on numerous recent reported killings and tortures alleged to have been carried out by his Intelligence Service Agents. These alleged State murders, including the alleged extra judicial killing of Kalafatis, are a serious crime against humanity that should, if unexplained, end up at the International Criminal Court.

These unexplained State murders raise a series of questions. The Green Party of Botswana demand that whoever at the Office of the President made an order for the killing of John Kalafatis by the Military, as alleged by Police officials, should be brought to Justice….whether it’s the President Ian Khama himself or a rich high profile bureaucrat, the Law should take its course.

The Green Party of Botswana does not advocate for Capital Punishment but whoever made this order should be tried accordingly for the murder.

We also want to know why the Military is being involved in local policing when we have trained police officers in the country.

Once again, the Green Party of Botswana implores concerned responsible fellow citizens to stand up for their rights and organize a peaceful march to the Office of the President in solidarity with those murdered by the State and to demand the abolishment of the Directorate on Intelligence and Security (DIS) because its inception has spelled doom for our Country.
The use of excessive force and military ammunition against peaceful defenseless fellow citizens constitutes systematic or indirect civil war.

Benjamin Segobaetso
Founding Leader- Green Party of Botswana


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