Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Ministry allocates hefty amount to sports

Minister Shaw Kgathi, through his ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture, this week continued with the pledge to help the Botswana National Sports Council promote and develop sports in the country.
Besides the current financial constraints, the Ministry of Youth Sports and Culture increased the amount given to BNSC by a whopping 6.7%.

Kgathi handed the cheque of P64 million to BNSC chairperson, Dr. Daniel Tau, stating that out of the said amount, P6.2 million is allocated to the Botswana National Olympic Committee.
Presenting the cheque, Kgathi explained that the substantial increase demonstrates in clear terms the Government’s commitment to the promotion and development of sports.

“We appreciate that BNSC is a key player in promotion and development of sport in the country and we look to the Council and its affiliates for new ideas or initiatives on how we can improve Botswana’s performance in all sport codes,” he said.

He noted that they fully acknowledge the responsibility and challenges the Council has to contend with as sport promoters and administrators.

“Your spirit of volunteerism and patriotism is highly commendable. This also clearly shows that we have compatriots who are committed to the attainment of the noble objectives of our 2016 National Vision,” Kgathi said. He then urged BNSC to formulate a clear and comprehensive funding policy with emphasis on development.

“I expect that such a policy should be based on a ratio of 40% of the funding going to sport development, 30% administration and 30% competition or elite sport. The centers of sport excellence that I referred to require funding,” he said, adding that difficult decisions should be taken by foregoing some competitions or lavish expenditure. He further stated that it is imperative that they develop and consolidate athletes-centered capacity building programmes.

“These programmes would ensure that athletes, coaches and administrators from junior schools to elite sports are supported to pursue their educational and developmental opportunities through programmes such as the Olympic Solidarity Fund and the Zebra Elite Fund,” he added.
On receiving the cheque, Dr. Daniel Tau expressed gratitude noting that it will go a long way in assisting them to develop sport in the country.

“It will aid in complementing our affiliates to develop their sport and, in the long run, help in the growth of sport in the country,” said Tau.


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