Saturday, June 22, 2024

UB sports facilities opens to the public

University of Botswana Acting Director of Culture, Sports and Recreation Nelson Bodilenyane says the institution’s sports facilities have now opened to the public. The facilities which can be rented include the stadium, aquatic centre, softball diamond, outdoor courts, open arena or amphitheater and the campus indoor sports centre.

Speaking to Sunday standard, Bodilenyane said they decided to avail their facilities in order to improve sports in the country through use of its world class facilities.

“Development of sports in the country is vital, hence the need for all parties to be exposed to similar facilities,” he added.

Bodilenyane further said that all these come at an affordable price. “Because we need to maintain these facilities so they remain in good condition, we charge an affordable fee for using them,” he said.

“We want local clubs and athletes to be able to use them hence the need to reasonably price them,” Bodilenyane added.

Moreover, it is said that the facilities have saved the government millions of Pula as national team athletes are analysed and assessed at the high performance centre instead of being sent abroad.

“We are also tasked with raising funds for the University at large, our facilities bring in money but it is not enough, we can do more and better than what we are doing currently,” he added.

Bodilenyane remarked that there is an unbiased criteria used to choose who uses the facilities and when. “One has to write a request that they are willing to use our facility, we will carry out an  assessment to check if the University will be not be in need of it, then it may be given  to the person at hand,” he added.

UB’s ultra-modern arena comprises of basketball, volleyball, netball, badminton, squash and tennis courts and has a capacity of 3 418 seats.

It also has gymnasiums for martial arts, aerobics, strength training and cardio, as well as performance laboratories for analyzing and improving performance.

“We pride in ensuring that all people enjoy such comfort, hence the need for us to call upon stakeholders to grow sport through world class facilities,” he concluded.


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