Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Ministry reinstates interdicted staff members

The Ministry of Education and Skills Development (MoESD) has reinstated three of the four employees from the Department of Tertiary Education and Financing (DTEF) who were interdicted two years ago on suspicion of corruption.

This was confirmed by Public Relations Officer in the Department, Silas Sehularo on Monday. He also revealed that the fourth staff members had not been reinstated as he was awaiting a disciplinary hearing. However, Sehularo refused to discuss the issue further, saying the department does not discuss internal matters with the press. All the four have been on full salary payment during interdiction and the three reinstated employees are now reportedly demanding payment for their leave days.

On another related matter, three years ago, DTEF interdicted over 10 employees for a period of over two years on suspicion of corruption involving sponsorship for tertiary education. Likewise, the 10 employees were later reinstated with full pay and other benefits after they sued government. Staff members at the department have accused government of rushing to interdict them on false accusations and later failing to provide evidence of wrong doing on their part.

They blamed the practice on senior officers, who they accused of witch-hunt against juniors who have fallen out of favor.

“This happens in almost all government departments. Senior officers make unfounded allegations about their juniors and then fail to provide evidence of any wrong doing,” they said.


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