Monday, April 22, 2024

Miss Botswana 2007/8 to be crowned tonight.

Miss Botswana’s Director, Daisy Botsoba, confirmed to The Sunday Standard that tickets that had been purchased for last week’s Miss Botswana 2007/8, will grant access to tonight’s (Sunday) crowning event.

After last week’s Miss Botswana alfresco fiasco, where both contestants and the audience shivered under the pouring rain in their Sunday best, the top ten Miss Botswana 2007/8 candidates will recap the question and answer session and eventually, a new queen will be crowned.

The mysterious disappearance of an evening gown belonging to 20-year-old contestant, Michelle Kgwarapi, also spoiled last Friday. After police officers searched the hotel room where the contestant also had been held till 2pm and finding no dress, a member of the Gaborone Sun’s cleaning staff is reported to have found the dress lodged between the mattresses of the bed in the room that served as the changing room.

Michelle’s mother, Teko Kgwarapi, said, “I was present when the hotel room was thoroughly searched by police officers and am surprised that the dress was found lodged between the mattress because the mattress was flipped in everyone’s presence and the dress was not there,” she said indignantly. “We still want to find out who took the dress; the case is with the Central Police.” Michelle has bought a new dress that she will wear at Sundays final.


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