Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Miss Universe Botswana launches ‘I AM THE CHANGE’

Miss Universe Botswana, Larona Motlatsi Kgabo, who represented Botswana in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in the 2011 international Miss Universe pageant, is set to launch her ‘I Am the Change’ campaign.

The campaign seeks to inspire positive behavioural change among young people in Botswana, especially those in high school. As a role model for young people, Miss Universe Botswana will cover issues such as Alcohol & Substance Abuse and HIV/AIDS Spread at Youth Level.

As a starting point, Larona will tour the country visiting 16 public and private senior secondary schools within the 80 km radius of Gaborone. Initial target schools include Molefi Secondary School (Mochudi), Kgosi Kgari Sechele Secondary School (Molepolole), Seepapitso Secondary School (Kanye), Moshupa Secondary School (Moshupa), Lobatse Secondary School (Lobatse), Moeding College UCCSA (Otse), Kagiso Secondary School (Ramotswa) and, in Gaborone, Gaborone Secondary School, Ledumang Secondary School, St. Joseph’s College, Naledi Secondary School, Maru-A-Pula School, Legae Academy, Rainbow High School, Westwood International School, and Livingstone Kolobeng College.

‘I Am the Change’ campaign is inspired by the fact that even though Batswana live in harmony with HIV, Botswana can still be AIDS-free ÔÇô but that will require the partnership of young people at the most vulnerable stage ÔÇô teenagers or secondary school students.

The campaign is in line with the objectives of the Miss Universe Botswana pageant, some of whose objectives being: to take advantage of the Miss Universe Botswana queen’s power of influence as a role model to inspire positive behavioural change among young people, targeting the issues of HIV/AIDS, Alcohol & Substance Abuse, and Violence Against Women; to promote the right of every woman to enjoy a life of health, recognition and equal opportunity; and to help brand Botswana through the power of the Miss Universe brand by leveraging the country’s most important resources identified as diamonds, tourism, culture and women. Every year the winner of the Miss Universe Botswana competition becomes the face of the campaign and all the Miss Universe Botswana objectives.

To invite relevant stakeholder involvement, the tour has alerted the Ministry of Education, the Department of Youth in the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture; the Women’s Affairs Department in the Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs, NACA, the US Embassy, and the various other stakeholders.

The campaign will run for the entire duration of Larona’s reign as Miss Universe Botswana. To pre-launch the campaign, Larona encourages young people to wait until they reach the age of 21 to decide if it is worth it to drink or not ÔÇô and to differentiate between sex and full responsibility. She wants young people to be responsible for their lives as Botswana’s competitiveness regionally and internationally will rely heavily on their creative and innovative ideas. With more funding for the project, it is Miss Universe Botswana’s wish to touch every single secondary school across the country. The campaign launches on Monday, May 14, 2012 at Molefi Secondary School in Mochudi.

Miss Universe Botswana will be accompanied by the youthful Miss Universe Botswana team.


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