Friday, September 30, 2022

The Resurrection of Miss Universe Botswana

For 6 years, Botswana has not participated in the Miss Universe International contest, a local entertainment group who are licensed holders of the Miss Universe International.
Botswana has decided to change that.

Mos Syde Entertainment Group has decided to use the Miss Universe competition as a platform to target influential politicians and potential investors who might become interested in investing in Botswana’s cultural heritage, its mineral resources, it’s different brands and might even boost the tourism sector.

This year’s Miss Universe International will be held on the 23rd of August in Last Vegas, USA.
According to founder of Mos Syde, Safie Sekgwa, the company has already gone around the country recruiting for Miss Universe Botswana hopefuls and the grand finale is to be held on the 28th of June.

Sekgwa said that Miss Universe Botswana is more than a pageant, stating that it’s a way to sell the Botswana Brand through a relaxed and informal setting.

The company reports to be involved in talks with Botswana Tourism, Botswana Export Development Investment Authority (BEDIA) and other relevant stakeholders.

What they expect of their Miss Universe is a beautiful Motswana woman who is proud of her heritage and is knowledgeable about her country’s history as well as its development. Sekgwa is quick to stress that they were not looking for models but having a modeling background could be an advantage for the contestant.

“The young lady doesn’t necessarily have to have gone to college, but she has to have a certain intellect that is particular to an ambassador. She has to represent us in a way that she can interact with people from other countries and be able to sell our country’s uniqueness,” he said.
Employees of Mos Syde are also going to be offering training as a grooming aspect to whoever will reign as Miss Universe Botswana.

For the local competition, Sekgwa said that the whole event will be a proudly Botswana event where everything from the designers to the performers will be from Botswana.

Mpule Kwelagobe, a Motswana, still remains the only African to have won the contest back in May 1999 in Trinidad and Tobago. Her fame for winning the crown brought a lot of attention to the country. Even the designer for her traditional garb became famous. Sekgwa said that this could be a chance for local designers to enter the international scene.

The judges chosen for the event were from different organizations that could help the contestants in prepping up for the ones they could face at the international stage. Sekgwa said they choose judges from different markets because they want to see how much contestants are informed of their country and its different brands.

For judges they are expecting to have Kago Mmopi of DTC Botswana, Odirile Merafhe, director of Botswana Development Corporation (BDC), Thapelo Letsholo of Kgalagadi Breweries Limited (KBL), Nkoloi Nkoloi of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, former Miss Botswana Juby Peacock.
The company’s awaiting a response from Dr Nomsa Mbere to confirm if she would take on the role of joining the other judges.

So far the event is sponsored by Air Botswana, Cresta Hotels and Heineken.
“People shouldn’t confuse us with Miss Botswana, the events are quite different. With Miss Botswana, the winner goes to compete at Miss World, with Miss Universe Botswana the winner goes to Miss Universe International,” said Sekgwa.

He also revealed that a number of contestants who had tried for Miss Botswana had come for auditions. Although the publicity surrounding the scouting for Miss Universe wasn’t that intense, the founder said that they were able to draw in impressive turnouts in places like Palapye.

The tickets for the events are now on sale and one ticket goes for P450. He said that, unlike Miss Botswana, one can’t buy VIP tickets; he said the VIP seats are only for invited people, like Attorney General Athalia Molokomme, whom they have already invited.

The entertainment group is to host a launch party on the 19th of June. Sekgwa said that everything has been planned accordingly and swiftly because the delegates for Miss World are expected to be ready by the 8th of July, with their Visas and everything in order.

For tickets, reach Safie Sekgwa at 72957974 or email him at [email protected]


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