Sunday, October 1, 2023

Miss Vision 2016: a bevy of “Beauties With Passion”

The contestants of this year’s Miss Vision 2016 showed that the term, “Beauty with brains” is a term that can be surpassed when they took things further and demonstrated what can be labelled “Beauty with Compassion.” The contestants recently took to Marina Hospital to show love to some Batswana who definitely needed it the most.

They took snacks to the Marina Oncology ward, which was full of an alarming number of the elderly, something which surprised some of the beauty queens who wondered why it seemed that the elderly and the little ones are the ones mostly affected by cancer.

With concern, the young ladies discussed it amongst themselves and concluded that older and very young people probably have the weakest immune systems.

Realizing that they still had some snacks left, the girls strutted their stuff happily to the other end of the hospital, even though some of them were in heels, and gave some of their goods to the occupants of the pediatric ward, which was full of mothers whose faces melted into smiles at the lasses’ kind gesture.

One of the contestants, Boipelo Mbakile, Miss Mmegi 2010, said that she was first attracted to the pageant because of the title.

The 19-year-old said that she wanted to equip herself with knowledge about the Vision so that she could then spread the knowledge to fellow compatriots.

One of the organizers, Mpho Sinvula, said that she joined the mission when she first heard about it from a friend. Sinvula said that she decided to volunteer to feel she is a part of something and also because she knew that there would be nothing to do during the three-month UB vacation. She encouraged other youngsters to volunteer as it helps build the community. The 21-year-old fourth year Political and Public Administration student said that after Miss Vision 2016 she was going to continue her mission to give back to the community by volunteering at Nyangabgwe Hospital in Francistown for the rest of the vacation.

The contest will be held on the 29th of June at GICC. Tickets are P250, P400 and P7000 for 10.


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