Sunday, June 16, 2024

Mixed-media artist kicks off National Gallery calendar

Internationally renowned Veryan Courtenay Edwards has exhibited in group shows in Zambia, South Africa, Finland, Germany and England. On Thursday, she kicked off the 2007-2008 National Museum exhibitions calendar in a solo show that will run for the whole of February.

Throughout the month, Edwards will exhibit her collection of abstract expressionistic artwork, which ranges from acrylics on canvas to mixed media installations. The artist, who in 1989 was the instigator for the formation of Thapong Visual Arts Centre, explores the human experience. Her collection, under the banner ‘Unity’ (her exhibits’ theme), she strives for balance bringing together disparate elements, man, land and beast.

Edwards exhibits an array of influences; some artwork may be grouped together while others contrast as if done by another artist. This is probably a continuation of the artist’s aim to bring together disparate elements.

Some pieces, like Golden Moment, are post impressionistic. It is a piece that depicts scattered silhouettes of clusters of people and Okavango depicts a landscape, a post modernistic collection of Faces.

The Glue Sniffer, a thought provoking art installation depicting a destitute squalid harbour of cardboards, newspapers, glue and an empty packet of chicken and thyme flavoured Lays crisps, (quite fancy for scantily pocketed being), will raise questions of the wellbeing of those living in destitution.


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