Tuesday, October 19, 2021

MMP Family and Drama Boy shines in new video

It was a night of glitz and glamour as the stars that are MMP family came out to shine alongside their renowned manager Zenzele Hirschfield at their video premiere. 

It was a real red carpet affair with photo shoots from all angles at the Masa New Capitol Cinema. Attendants did not compromise as they were attired in the dress code indicated on the invite with fitted suits and stiletto heels. 

It was a star-studded event and the guests got to rub shoulders with the Assistant Minister of Youth Sports and Culture Development Kefentse Mzwinila, Leader of Opposition and Member of Parliament Duma Boko, award-winning hip hop artist Scar, members of the kwaito group Eskimos, Nunu, Vezzo and many other household names. 

MMP Family’s new music video which was being launched features local hip hop superstar Drama Boy and is titled Money in the Bank with bubbly Sadie Dikgaka of flavor Dome leading the proceedings of night with enthusiasm. 

The sole message of the song as smartly demonstrated in the video is that people should work very hard every day to earn money while spending it within their limits, so that as time goes by they do not have to work extremely hard by paying off unnecessary debts.  

One of MMP Family’s member Mothusi Jackalas whose stage name is Plesjay says: “This time around we did a hip hop song with an element of kwaito and different tempos to show our versatility in the music industry.” 

The video shows Drama Boy sending MMP Family on a mission to recover hidden treasure in Tsabong at the Echo Camel Park. Ultimately Drama Boy pays them for their heroic efforts of executing the plan perfectly. 

The theme is revealed through the eyes and sound of MMP Family and Drama Boy who plan every detail of their mission with precision to accumulate money.

The video was shot from an aerial view which is something not very common locally and has superb close-ups of the artists to show a detailed description of the theme. 

It also shows the abundance of tourism and the beauty of Gaborone where society actually spends its money. The other scenes are in the CBD where they spend their money using a bank cards. 

“The idea of the song aims to show that in life when you do not have money people tend to neglect you, at the same time when you have money they seem to care for you, something people should be aware of,” noted Plesjay. 

The video was shot and directed by Thabiso Ikgopoleng of DIOS Media Production. The video has the cast wearing local fashion brands such as Keno clothing and camouflage by Oversized Ego which shows solidarity in the entertainment scene. 

They also don Arabic clothing to match some of their lyrics and title of the song. Possibly one of the best videos ever to come out of Botswana, it will take the group to greater heights and expand their brand to other lucrative markets should they not slow down their momentum.

The trio has numerous accolades to their name in the decade they have been in the music industry. Furthermore, the video illustrates their resilience and creativity to remain a force to be reckoned with. 

“One of the tests we faced to make the video was due to the expensive nature of the script and other expenses to get it completed. So we compromised here and there but we are very happy with the final product and hope people will relate to it and love it,” highlighted Plesjay.


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