Thursday, June 20, 2024

Video Games picking up in popularity in Botswana?

The video gaming phenomena has reached our country as more and more people indulge and become addicted to video gaming entertainment.

Seeing teens, and even older people, seated around television sets and holding joysticks is a common sight.

According Truth about Video Games by Lawrence Kutner, parents don’t need to worry themselves too much over videos turning their children into killers. However, it is noted that video games could lead to a moderate rise in violence if not carefully monitored.

A study that looked at 1200 middle school children over a span of two years showed M rated (parental guidance may be needed for these games due to language or violence) games will more likely cause delinquency. Their behaviour will include physical fights and damaging property.

A psychiatrist has argued that there are clear signs to look out for. Lying or hiding gaming equipment, disobedience at the time that they have been permitted, loss of interest in other activities and social withdrawal from friends and family.

The introduction to online gaming has brought a new aspect to gaming. This allows players to play with other players across the world.
Gomolemo Lebanna, who is into video games, says the experience of playing Call of Duty online is more rewarding than playing it offline.

“The experience is crazy, you know that you are playing with other world class players,” he said.

Video games are often put to good use; some formula one teams use video games to access the skill levels of possible new recruits according to how good they can play certain racing car games. These games will be played without a joystick but a steering wheel and acceleration and brake pedal.

It has become common practice for university students to play tournaments where they play for money. The FIFA brand seems to be very popular amongst sports fans at the university and it seems to draw the most crowds.

Whilst video games may seem male orientated, there are females who play just as hard as their male counterparts.
Hope Wamokota is one of them.

“I play during the holiday. I like Xbox 360 and Grand Theft Auto and Need for Speed,” she said. “I play with my cousins and my boyfriend is supportive of me playing video games.”


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