Sunday, June 23, 2024

Mochudi Center Chiefs ready for a season of change

It has been a year since Pay Your Stars (PYS) and Mochudi Center Chiefs (MCC) partnered to help the latter find financial stability to pay players and the technical team their monthly dues. 

As promised PYS has lived up to their promise. On Wednesday, the two consummated their marriage with a launch of WUSA clothing as Magosi’s 2020/ 21 football season technical sponsor.

The occasion also marked the launch of Centre Chiefs’ Commercial Stores, a business wing for Magosi.

Where the team was once besieged by chaos and debts, the occasion offered renewed hope that Magosi may be ready to rise again. 

For team chairperson Thapelo Tsheole and his committee, it was an indicator that their efforts to get Magosi back on their perch are about to bear fruit.

When Tsheole’s committee took over at Centre Chiefs, the team was riddled with debts, feudal battles and had relegated to the lower leagues.

Top of their priority was to make the team an interesting project for potential investors and sponsors. 

No investor or sponsor could be interested in an organization not compliant with the registrar of societies and with insurmountable debts.

“We however could not just fold our hands and wait for free donations. We believed we had to make the team an interesting prospect for investors and sponsors,” Tsheole says.

Undeterred by the challenges, they have since went on a serious revamp of the team and its appearance, which, it seems, will also translate into creating jobs for the Kgatleng community. 

Chiefs 2

According to PYS representative Hay La Motte, the team will now open two commercial stores in Mochudi.

One store will be situated at Phaphane ward in what is known as Mochudi old book shop while the other will be at the old mall.

The stores will be stocked with everything Mochudi Centre Chiefs, from team replicas to accessories.

Products like Magosi bottled water,branded toilet paper, potatoes, hand and toilet seat sanitizers are some of the items to be sold. 

To ensure there is a trickledown effect on the Mochudi community, La Motte says they will be using locally manufactured products from Botswana businesses. 

The PYS representative’s sentiments echoes that of Tsheole who says some of the merchandise will be manufactured in Mochudi to create employment in the area.

Meanwhile, the new look Centre Chiefs will also come with improved welfare for both the players, technical team and supporters.

La Motte states that along with this partnership, players can look forward to medical aid scheme from Thebe medical aid, funeral cover from western insurance, man of the match and player of the season awards as well as lodge and safari discounts.  

For supporters, a MCC membership card with which cardholders can earn discounts in team stores, lodges and game drives. 

A P200 membership card holder will receive 10% discounts at team stores and a funeral cover, while P150 car holder will be given 5% on discounts and funeral cover. P100 membership card holders they will only receive a funeral cover. 

To go along with the new look, Magosi has also decided to depart from their traditional striped replicas.

While the team will be keeping its traditional colors, instead of stripes, players and supporters will be wearing solid colors with addition of extra elements in the new season.

Their home kit for men is clear white with black color from the shoulders to chest in both sides of the t-shirt along with extremely small dots from top to bottom.

Away kits will be somehow similar to the home kit, with the difference only being color. The kit is dominated by a black colorwith a touch of grey.

The team’s third or alternative kits are dominated by red with just black circles from smallest to biggest from the inside out. 

Other replicas launched included women and kids’ kits, track suits, as well as travel and occasions wear.

For black tie events and awards, players and officials will rock the team’s three-piece suits.The suit is white with a touch of black on the neck collar and black buttons.


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