Monday, June 24, 2024

Mochudi Centre Chiefs in court mud

With the bruising battle of whether Mochudi Centre Chiefs is a society or is ran as a Trust heading to court soon, a splinter committee of the team has accused its rival of dishonesty. 

This comes after the society led by Chairman Tsieng Ramocha filed court papers questioning the legitimacy of the committee chaired by Ernest Molome.

While the two are at loggerheads, Ramocha this week told Sunday Standard that the other division is dishonest and misleading club followers. ‘’The truth will prevail at one point; there was a time when the football fraternity was told that the society had been dissolved. This was revealed by the splinter group and all that was not legitimate,” said Ramocha

The Ramocha-led group held the society’s Annual General Meeting on September 10, 2016 in Mochudi at Radikolo Junior Secondary School. It was said in a press release the following day that the executive committee led by Ramocha was retained for another term in office to continue with their mandate of managing the affairs of the society.

‘’We thought it was right for us to take the court route after several collisions with the other party. I cannot disclose anything further that might disturb court proceedings but all we want is the matter to rest. We tried our best with the Registrar of Society but failed to reach an agreement with the other party hence we are awaiting a date for a court settlement. Our constitution does not allow the society to have two standing committees,” said Ramocha.

The two parties could not reconcile on several occasions when the Registrar mediated advising the two to find a common ground. It was then that the case was referred to the council of arbitration which is not fully functional yet with the last option being court which Ramocha’s team resorted to. 

“We had several meetings with the so-called Trust but nothing came out of our negotiations so we believe seeking justice from the court of law was the only route,” concluded Ramocha.

However, Chiefs spokesperson Clifford Mogomotsi said that the committee led by Molome was legitimate as they had never been voted out since intending to form a Trust a few years ago. “We intended to form a Trust and dissolve the society but the Registrar advised us to file a few documents before approving our application. The Trust formation was an agreement made in the presence of the splinter committee led by Ramocha. We are surprised that two years down the line after the deliberations of forming a Trust the faction is now confusing club followers,” said Mogomotsi.

He mentioned that Centre Chiefs resolved in 2013 to dissolve the society and form a Trust. “There was an interim committee of the Trust which was formed by the then standing committee that was never voted out as the society committee therefore they still stand as the executive committee. We are all Centre Chiefs and all we want is peace but the splinter committee never held any position of responsibility at the club,” Mogomotsi told Sunday Standard. 


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