Monday, December 4, 2023

Troubled Centre Chiefs heads for high court

A ticking atomic bomb seems to be about to explode at the recently controversial crowned league champions, Mochudi Centre Chiefs. The team is headed for a bitter power struggle that has a potential to destabilise it.

The power struggle at the team is likely to end up in court as the two warring camps are locked in their positions. Sunday Standard is in a possession of a letter from the Register of societies written on April 28 washing their hands from Centre Chiefs matter. According to the letter, Registrar of Societies makes it clear that the only solution for warring parties is either the High Court or to the Mediation and arbitration Council. The problem with the latter is that it is not yet operational because it still needs the approval of Parliament 

In the mean time this leaves the High Court as the only viable option.  Currently the team is currently torne between two factions, one currently running the team and another led by a certain Tsieng Ramocha. Surprisingly both factions have their own committees recognised by the Registrar of societies. Earlier this year the registrar of societies called on both parties to resolve their differences in the the interest of the team. They have since failed to patch their differences.


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