Wednesday, March 22, 2023


Moemedi Ramogapi also known as Red Pepper is arguably one of the most dedicated entrepreneurs in the exciting and growing media industry of Botswana. He operates a multimedia empire called Ruff Riddims, situated at Middle Inn complex, in Palapye. I had an opportunity to meet and talk to him about his phenomenal success.

Red Pepper is a very dedicated professional. He holds a BTech in Multi Media Design from the University of Johannesburg. He now works as a designer, producer, radio presenter and entrepreneur.

It began almost a decade ago when he was doing his national service at the national museum when he chanced upon a job in a radio station.

“I got introduced to radio when Yarona FM first went on air. Some of the people who I was working with then include Percy Raditladi, Kagiso Mothibamele, Losika Seboni, Mike Proctor, Owen Rampha and Dumi Lopang, just to name a few,” he said. “I used to host a reggae show before I went abroad to university on government sponsorship.”

Whilst he was still a student, he entered a design competition with some of his design work from school that was later published by Design Ndaba magazine. After having his work exhibited at several branding workshops in 2005, he started gaining recognition. Through such exposure, he got to meet, network and eventually do dealings with the likes of Dj Fresh and HHP whilst in South Africa.

After he graduated, he immediately approached Yarona Fm with a visual language presentation with an ambition to rebrand and change the face and image of the radio station. Until today, he is the brain behind the current logo and their latest corporate image.

“I went there with a bright idea and they ended up using my ideas for their current branding as you see it,” he said.

Ruff Rid dims multimedia facility is currently exploiting the untapped media industry in the region, with its own niche target market. Moemedi uses his fully equipped multimedia studio to broadcast live on air, the Rid dim Control Show, which plays every Sunday evening from 6 to 8pm on Yarona Fm.

Ruff Rid dims studio in Palapye, which boasts state of the art equipment, has been commissioned by the radio station. Red Pepper, the multimedia guru, uses a digital approach to communicate and obtain information from different Deejays and unknown artists in Kingston Jamaica.

He plays exclusive, underground and unreleased reggae and dance hall, which he receives online from similar media facilities across the world. Amongst the famous, he communicates and receives support from international reggae and dancehall superstars such as Sizzla, Anthony B, AI DONIA and High Seekah.

“I have some tracks with some of the above-mentioned artists, including jingles which are dedicated to our dedicated Botswana listeners to spice up the show,” he said.

As an executive producer, Red Pepper has already launched two artists from Palapye, namely Tebza and Skeat, whose albums are selling on I store, online for US $8 a copy.

Apart from recording traditional choirs and folklore musicians, he is currently investing in the Real Magosi. Being an intern, the famous groups beat maker Teknoize works as a co producer for the live broadcasts whilst the rest of the group is busy working on their album.

“I brought them in and it’s a get away from the city life for those guys to sober up their creative process which has improved through their latest work,” he said.

Apart from being deep in the media industry, Moemedi Ramogapi is also a broad eyed entrepreneur. He does horticultural farming, cattle speculation and feeding. With Palapye now being one of the fastest growing towns in the country, Red pepper owns a construction company and he also runs a successful family business that is involved in property accumulation and estate management.


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