Sunday, June 16, 2024

Moeng Pheto’s job on the line

The Minister of Youth and Culture, Moeng Pheto, could find himself without a job in the near future.

Sunday Standard has tuned up information that Pheto’s efforts to dissuade Lesang Magang from contesting the ruling party’s primaries for Lentsweletau next year have failed.

A former BDP Youth Leader, Lesang Magang is the son of retired Member of Parliament, David Magang.

Lesang left politics in 2000 saying he wanted to concentrate on building family business.

The family owns Phakalane Estates, one of the country’s top end suburbs.
After his father’s retirement from politics, the young Magang spurned calls on him to fill the boots of the old man.
Sunday Standard has, however, learnt that Lesang’s interest in politics has been re-ignited, not least by the fact that the family business seems to be in good shape and also that his younger brother is back from abroad and is tipped to take the executive reins of the business full time.

Under the BDP rules, Magang is forbidden to campaign until July next year, but it is an open secret in Lentsweletau that councilors are unhappy with the incumbent Member of Parliament.

A tug of war between Pheto and his councilors have seen a number of emissaries sent to Lesang to descend on Lentsweletau to take back his “father’s constituency.”

It is understood David Magang has declined to be involved in restraining Lesang, saying the young man is capable of making his own decisions, which could be a tacit endorsement on the son from the Godfather who still enjoys immense influence at Lentsweletau.

Taking back the constituency will be an easy task for Lesang, not just because of the ongoing fight between Pheto and his councilors, but also because Pheto is largely seen as having failed to assert himself as an imaginative politician.


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