Sunday, September 25, 2022

Sethibe next on the firing line?

When newly-elected Botswana Football Association (BFA) president, Tebogo Sebego, came into office at the end of July, he assured the delegates that he was going towards improving the state of affairs at the crisis hit Lekidi Football Centre (BFA headquarters). He challenged the delegates that if they are not happy with his input, they must not be ashamed to call a special assembly to remove him from the most sought after seat in Botswana football.

Days after he was elected, Sebego went on to address staff members at BFA headquarters where he made it clear that he is not prepared to work with people who do not share the same goals with him. He promised to crack the whip on useless staff members.

Unfortunately, it was chief executive officer Duncan Kgame who became the first victim. While it was reported that Kgame resigned, Sunday Standard investigations reveal that Kgame had to leave because he could not deal with the expectations of the new BFA executive committee.

“The NEC met with him and told Kgame about what they expect from him. I guess he felt he could not handle that kind of pressure hence he opted to resign. NEC wants to change the state of Botswana football and they want to work on targets,” said the source close to developments.

Since coming into office at BFA headquarters, the NEC is said to be evaluating certain senior staff. Sources reveal that the NEC is not happy with some staff members and next on the firing line is technical director, Sonnyboy Sethibe.

“Sethibe has been a problem for sometime but the past leadership has been soft on him. He undermines those working under him and that is not good. The current NEC has picked that; and I’ve no doubt that very soon he will not be there,” said source. The source further revealed that recently one of the junior international games nearly failed because of the ignorance from the technical director.

BFA vice president technical, Ernest Nthobelang could not shed light concerning the developments at Lekidi regarding the technical director.

“We’ve just came into office and we’re assessing the rest of the staff. Even if I knew, I cannot discuss the future of our staff in the media because that would be unfair,” said Nthobelang.

According to sources, some coaches of the national junior sides have complained that Sethibe has his own favourites. This does not go down well with the concerned coaches hence their formal complaint to the BFA leadership.


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