Sunday, December 3, 2023

Mogae’s money goes missing at his residence

Former President Festus Mogae has lost P10 000 from his bedroom at the family’s residence in Phakalane, it has been revealed.

According to family sources, the former president had withdrawn P20 000 from his personal bank account before he boarded a plane to India.

It is understood that Mogae took P4000 and left P16 0000, but when he returned he discovered that P10 000 was missing; the former president then reported a case of theft to police. The source said that Mogae was hesitant to go to police because he would draw unnecessary attention.

“But he had no choice because this is not the first time that the former president had some of his items missing. A laptop was stolen sometime last year; it was reported to the police but realising the impact the case would have on him, Mogae withdrew the matter,” said the source.

Mogae’s staff, among them his secretaries and bodyguards, were taken to the Broadhurst Police Station for questioning by the police.

“Strong evidence suggests that this is an inside job. We believe that his body guards and privates secretaries know where the money is hence they were called to the Broadhurst Police Station for questioning,” said the source.

Sources say Mogae’s staff was questioned in connection with the missing money for more than three days at the Broadhurst station because they were not forthcoming with concrete information.

At the time of going to press it was also unclear if the former President had withdrawn the case.

While he did not have details as to what exactly happened, Broadhurst’s newly Station Commander Superintendent Ronald Molapisi said he was aware of the matter.

“I heard about that but that was before I was appointed the station commander of this station. Hence I’m not sure whether the issue involved money or not?”


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