Saturday, December 9, 2023

Mogalakwe resigns from BNF Central Committee calling party leader a “fake revolutionary”

A leading Botswana National Front activist and intellectual Monageng Mogalakwe has resigned from the party Central Committee.

Dr Mogalakwe was the BNF Secretary for International Relations.

In a hard hitting letter, Dr. Mogalakwe accuses BNF President and long time political ally Otsweletse Moupo of being a “fake revolutionary.”

Dr. Mogalakwe resigned on Saturday following an emergency Central Committee meeting called by Moupo at which he (Moupo) told his inner circle that he will be calling Special Congress to seek a fresh mandate from the BNF general membership.
It is reported that Moupo encountered resistance from his comrades, but used his executive powers to go ahead anyway.

“Your insistence to call a Special Congress instead of debating issues openly shows that you merely want to sweep things under the carpet, hoping that the new Central Committee will just let bygones be bygones,” says Dr Mogalakwe in his letter to Moupo.

“I do not think I will be harsh to say that you are a fake revolutionary who has put his personal interests above those of the party he is leading. The organization comes last.”

It is reported that for some time Moupo has been unhappy not just with the wranglings within the Central Committee, but also with behind the scenes revolts against him by some leading members of the BNF Central Committee, hence the decision on Saturday to take the issue of leadership to the general membership.

Dr Mogalakwe continues in his letter that “it is clear to me that since being engulfed in financial and other scandals, both the BDP and the BCP have correctly identified you as the weakest link in the BNF armour. And they are going to be exploiting that to the fullest. You have become a political liability to the organization.”

He ends the letter by saying he will say more about his resignation in an open letter he intends to write to the BNF membership


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