Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Mohohlo faces eviction from Bank of Botswana house

Bank of Botswana is said to be considering taking legal action against its former Governor,  Linah Mohohlo in an effort to evict her from official residence.

This follows her continued stay in the official residence of the Bank.

There are claims that the issue has escalated to a war of words between the former governor and Bank of Botswana.

It is understood that Mohohlo could have vacated the house last December but that did not happen.

Mohohlo retired from office on 20 October 2016, after seventeen years in the post. She was then appointed Coordinator, Selebi Phikwe Economic Revitalisation/Recovery programme by President Ian Khama following the closure of BCL mine.

Information reaching this publication indicates that sometime early this year the Central Bank allegedly wrote a letter to Mohohlo warning her that if she failed to vacate the house, the bank will be left with no option but to take legal actions to evict her.

Responding to The Telegraph questions, the Bank’s spokesperson, Andrew Sesinyi said “It is not true that the Bank has written any letter to the former Governor asking her to vacate the Governor’s official residence.”

He said that in accordance with the terms and conditions of their employment, Governors and Deputy Governors of the Bank are entitled to official accommodation (housing).

He said Bank maintains a healthy and mutually respectful relationship with the former Governor, as is to be expected, given her long and distinguished service to the bank and the nation. He explained that it is the Bank’s policy that a former Governor or Deputy Governor who retires from the Bank in good standing, is permitted a reasonable time to vacate the official residence, normally a period of two months, which may be extended at the discretion of the Bank.

He stated that in the case of the immediate former Governor, the Bank has exceptionally acceded to her request for an extended occupation of the Bank’s residence, based on personal circumstances, up to April 30, 2017.

Sesinyi refuted allegations that there is war of words between the Bank and Mohohlo saying neither the Bank nor the current Governor have been unduly inconvenienced by this arrangement.  

“It is also consistent with Bank policy that an occupant of a furnished official residence has the first option to buy furniture in the Official Residence on its disposal at the end of contract of employment,” he stated.

Sesinyi confirmed that the former Governor exercised this option with respect to some of the furniture items due for disposal, most of which had reached the end of their useful economic life and would, in any event, be replaced.

He said that these arrangements are consistent with, and conform to the Bank’s policies and do not constitute violations of any Bank regulations and policies.

Efforts to contact Mohohlo were futile.


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