Friday, July 19, 2024

Molake urges new BNPC board to make centre attractive

The Botswana National Productivity Centre has welcomed a new board and
bid farewell to the old one. At an event held at Gaborone Sun on
Thursday evening, BNPC received new members that are drawn from a wide
range of sectors of the economy.

The new members include Omphile Sehurutshe, Lucy Machiba, Maipelo
Motshwane, Jennifer Dube, Obonye Galebotswe, Nnosang Mhutsiwa and
Keganele Malikongwa. The continuing members are Carter Morupisi,
Norman Moleele, Boipelolelo Khumomatlhare, Theko Fako and Ikwatlhaeng
Bagopi. Farewell was made to Simon Meti, Victoria Lekoma, Dr
Gabofetswe Malema, Ditshetsa Makepe, Fraser Tlhoiwe and Ruth Seipone.

BNPC Executive Director, Baeti Molake told the board members their
biggest challenge is to make the organisation visible and relevant to
stakeholders. “The centre will rely on your wisdom for strategic
guidance and direction on how to be attractive and appealing”.

He said BNPC will be organising an induction to alert the incoming
members on the rigours of good corporate governance and what is
expected of them.

“This is important given that good corporate governance has of late
become a topical issue and the expectation is that Board of Directors
should have an understanding of the principles of good corporate
governance in order for them to effectively provide leadership,”
Molake said.

“I do hope you will familiarise yourself with the BNPC’s mandate, work
and general productivity relevance to the national economy,” he

“The importance of the BNPC should be reflected on the extent to which
Botswana’s economy is transformed to reach positive level of
competitiveness. One appreciates that you come from diverse background
and the diversity should therefore add value to how the BNPC interacts
with stakeholders for the betterment of our economy”.

Molake revealed that the BNPC is undertaking projects that are meant
to turnaround productivity in the country. He said they are involved
in a work ethic project with Department of Public Service Management
(DPSM)–to train on Smart Work Ethics, a national communication
campaign and targeted intervention component.

The centre has also been contracted by Department of Tourism to
conduct Customer Care training for the tourism sector.

This is an 18 months project that draws participants from hospitality industry, the
police, immigration, BURS amongst others.

He also said they have been installing Quality Management Systems in
several organisations.

”Our customer base includes government
departments, parastatals and the private sector. I must say the demand
for QMS in the economy is growing”.


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