Thursday, July 18, 2024

Botswana Police to unveil new uniform

The long awaited new Botswana police uniform will be unveiled to the public in April this year.

Deputy Police Commissioner, Ikotlhaeng Bagopi, said on Friday that the company that was awarded the tender to supply the new uniform is currently working around the clock to ensure that every police officer will be donning the new uniform come April.

He revealed that his officers are in a jovial and expectant mood as they have been long waiting for the uniform. For the first time in Botswana history, caps will also be introduced as part of the new uniform.

Bagopi said that a particular day will be set aside for the new uniform to be paraded after each officer has received his or her uniform.

Police officers will be requested to surrender the old uniform, which will be destroyed for security reasons, while a small portion of the old uniforms will be kept for historical purposes.


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