Thursday, May 23, 2024

Molotsi abhors special nomination of councilors

Member of Parliament for Francistown South Wynter Mmolotsi recently told a kgotla meeting in his constituency that the special nomination of councilors should be stopped as it is a waste of government funds.

Molotsi said at the kgotla meeting that he once brought up the debate in parliament, further promising to continue to address the issue.

“I found out that the costs incurred to maintain these special nominated councilors within a period of five years amounted to a huge P78.5million,” he said.

He added that these are unnecessary costs that could be used to develop other sectors such as education and health. He said that patients who need special medical attention like kidney transplants should be the rightful beneficiaries of such funds, and not specially elected councilors.

Molotsi also addressed the issue of development projects, telling his constituents that Botswana is still recovering from the economic down turn and has been forced to shelve some of the development projects that were ear marked for Francistown south.

“The government decided to cut off some development projects due to this crisis, but indications are that the situation is gradually improving,” he said.

Molotsi also said that government insists on delivery as a way of saving the already scarce government resources and ensuring that government funds are used effectively. He also encouraged his constituents to utilize government’s poverty alleviation initiatives like the Ipelegeng Program which he said presently employs at least 40 000 people in the country.

“At the same time, government has decided to assist able bodied destitute to be independent by removing them from the destitute program and placing them in the Ipelegeng program” he said.

He said that the ISPAAD program will also continue as it has proved to be effective in promoting food production. He implored Batswana to continue to use the government initiatives to better their lives. Molotsi added that the government has decided to support local businesses by purchasing local products and services.

“CEDA has been asked to register all Batswana citizen owned business so that government can support their products rather than buying foreign goods,” he said, further urging Batswana who own companies to register with government so that they can benefit from this initiative.


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