Thursday, June 13, 2024

Monday pork ribs special in Giwawa

Gaborone West’s locale is known as a KFC neighbourhood, says Brian Selalome, who is the marketing manager for Satchmo’s and Grand West night clubs and their sister business, Buddies Restaurant.

And, he says, this is a perception Buddies Restaurant are trying to break by introducing promotions such as their Monday special of succulent pork ribs served with chips for P49.50.

The grilled pork ribs recipe was extensively researched by Buddies chef, simply known as Joseph, and perfected through taste trials, says Selalome, and the end taste, he says, is quite unique.
“We have received positive feedback from diners when we first served the dish last Monday.”

Selalome says that Buddies Restaurant, which is a waiter service restaurant, is catering for the punter who would love to sit down, eat and chat in the garden that was unveiled on Valentine’s Day. “We still have the regular activities in the clubs, but we have built a garden that will only host a live jazz band every Sunday.”

Buddies Restaurant also hosts Pizza Wednesdays, and in its increasingly eclectic menu have a Giwawa quarter chicken meal.


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