Friday, April 12, 2024

Mophato Dance Theatre Triple bill show slated for November 22

The local African contemporary dance troupe, Mophato Dance Theatre will later this year hold their much anticipated triple bill show between the 22nd – 23rd November at the Maitisong Theatre.

At a press briefing, the troupe founder, Andrew Letsokola gave the media personnel an overview of what they as an organisation are all about. “We were founded in 2009 to promote contemporary dance in Botswana,” stated Letsokola. Since its inception, the Mophato group has been trying to tell stories through dance and song. Letsokola cited an example of the story titled Kgosikgolo which depicted the relationship between Batswana and royalty. He went on to explain that they tell stories of both the past and the present days.

Mascom Communications and Public Relations Manager, Ms Tebogo Lebotse Sebego explained that they are glad to be a part of this project stating that at Mascom, both fine arts and performing arts were something they were keen on investing in. She further stated that performances produced are meant to safe keep traditional Setswana heritage for the future generations.

Regarding the storytelling element, Sebego explained that as a mother she discovered that the Mophato Dance Theatre had modernised the art of storytelling. Giving an example of the folklore stories told by grandparents at the fireplace, Sebego says contemporary art conveys the messages effectively and efficiently. 

The Triple bill show will include the Wosana, music of Kalanga origin usually used to pray for rain, Inyaya, and the Kulema which is a Zambian word. The Kulema dance will be used to depict how people go about their daily lives performing their everyday chores despite the burdens they carry.

The media were finally treated to a glimpse of what to expect on the day of the show and the ladies presented flawless talent, balance and precision.


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