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Morwalela TV series to premier on Btv tomorrow

April 11 2010: Morwalela, a new TV series set in Botswana, is set to premiere on Btv tomorrow (Monday) at 6:30 pm. The series, developed by PSI Botswana and produced by Traffic Productions, will air every Monday for 8 weeks.

Focused on the everyday trials and thrills of life in a small fictitious village in Botswana, the series showcases the beauty of Botswana and the strength of its people. Joyful moments of romance, family, love and laughter are interchanged with the harder times of losing loved ones, financial difficulties and HIV/AIDS. The characters of Morwalela face the same difficult decisions as many in Botswana and the show illustrates how the choices they make impact on their lives and the lives of those they love.

The characters of Morwalela range in age from 6 to 60, therefore appealing to audiences of all ages. Families and friends can gather to spend time together watching this heart-felt drama.
Morwalela is a Setswana language drama with English sub-titles. The cast consists of 13 Batswana and one South African in leading roles whilst a further 30 Batswana actors are featured in supporting roles. The story was developed by local writers Wame Molefhe and Lauri Kubuitsile, while the screenplay was written by the series director, Peter Goldsmid.

A local musician was selected to produce the theme song competition and his original track will be featured as the music for the opening and closing sequences. The musician, who was selected among many others, will be announced at a private premiere, and awarded a P10, 000 prize at a private premiere event tomorrow evening.

Additional recognition will be paid to the local crew and cast members, as well as the director and key donors. The premiere event will conclude with an after show party following the first live airing.

Tune in to BTV every night at 6:30pm for the ground-breaking drama, Morwalela!
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