Monday, February 26, 2024

New business documentary series airs on Btv

As part of efforts to inculcate a culture of entrepreneurship in young Batswana and inspire upcoming entrepreneurs, a new local documentary series called Business Leadership Insights will air on Botswana Television (Btv) in the near future. The thirteen part documentary series will consist of an unprecedented collection of interviews and profiles of Botswana’s best business leaders and thinkers.  

“The whole idea was to create a documentary series that will give aspiring entrepreneurs an idea of how business is operated from a role model perspective,” said Matshego Graham Lethola, who conceptualized and produced the documentary series.

He explained that the documentary comes at a period when Botswana is transitioning into an economically diversified country in which business is taking the lead in driving the economy; and the series seeks to inspire Batswana to learn from those who have already made their names in the business world.

The documentary series is a co-production between local film and video production companies Black Gold Media, DreamCast Studio and Club Media. It will delve into the lives of some of Botswana’s most successful individuals, their companies, and the progressive manner in which they do business ÔÇôexploring what has given them the upper hand over others to achieve their level of success. Detailing the inspiration behind Business Leadership Insights, Matshego said they wanted to create fresh content that reflects the landscape of Botswana’s entreprenual economy.

“We wanted to produce this show because it is unique and relevant to many aspiring and established business people in Botswana. The question that every business person asks is about how one can build and lead a successful business in today’s challenging economic times, where the rules of doing business keep on changing every day,” he said.

Business Leadership Insights will is suitable for viewing by all ages and each episode is about 24 minutes long. Matshego said the show aims to attract an audience comprising of educated and business savvy people as well as aspiring entrepreneurs of all ages and income. The series documents entrepreneurs and corporate executives from various industries such as Agribusiness, Media and Entertainment, Transportation and Logistics, Construction, Health Care, Retail, Education, Telecommunications, Security, Energy , ICT business and many more.  Describing the documentary as ‘visionary and inspiring’, Matshego said the contributors offer compelling insights and homegrown solutions into such topics as the strategic uses of information communications technology (ICT), building sustainable business growth, and realizing a new corporate core while anticipating key business functions and competencies for the future. Business Leadership Insights will be released and broadcast within the next few months, and a trailer will be distributed online starting February 12 2016.

“We focus on real people who succeeded through struggles that will resonate with every aspiring entrepreneur and give them ideas to take away and act on,” stated Matshego.


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