Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Motlogelwa promises good account of BFA finances

Botswana Football Association (BFA) Second Vice President, Pelotshweu Motlogelwa, has vowed the association will present unqualified reports when it finally finishes consolidating its finances.
This comes as the BFA second vice president failed to present its financials to delegates during the association’s recent Annual General Assembly (AGA).
The failure, a first by the association in a very long time, led to speculations that something was amiss with the association’s financials.
In the build up to the said AGA, there were allegations making rounds that Motlogelwa and some people within the BFA would be forced to quit following some irregularities in the association’s financial reports.
However, at the said AGA, the BFA delegates opted to give the association a go ahead to defer the presentation of the financials to a later date.
Addressing the issue, Motlogelwa dismissed the allegations that there was something fishy in the lack of presentation of BFA financials or its deferment to a later thereof.
“The truth of the matter is that we still have to consolidate all BFA financials for the year. This includes financials of other structures of the BFA, among them the Botswana Premier League, First Division, Women Football as well as Regional Football Associations (RAF),” the BFA second vice president explained.
According to Motlogelwa, at this moment, the BFA financials have all been finished but they could not present them without including those of the association’s other structures.
He said for a long time now, the association had been failing to present its consolidated financials; an anomaly which he said was threatening the association’s access to FIFA grants.
“It must be noted that while the BPL was semi autonomous, it was still a structure of the BFA, the same as all the other structures I mentioned above. Questions have since been raised as to why the financials of such structures were not included in the BFA financial report as they are part of the BFA and we had to do something about it,” he explained.
Motlogelwa said should the BFA fail to present a consolidated report, which FIFA is now seeking; they would have been cut from being given grants by FIFA, as is now the case with some associations.
 Asked why they never consolidated them from the onset, the BFA second vice president said the observance of different sets of financial year ends made it difficult to have all reports at the same time, hence a difficulty in consolidating them.
“The BPL and other BFA structures have their financial year aligning with the start and end of season at June 30th, while the BFA financial year is from March to April. As such, when the AGA comes, these structures will still be under audit meaning their financials cannot be included in those of the BFA, hence the unconsolidated financials,” he said.
Going forth, Motlogelwa said the BFA would direct all its structures to adopt with immediate effect the BFA financial year of April 1 to March 31 so as to ensure all the association finances are consolidated at the appropriate time.



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