Thursday, August 18, 2022

Audited BFA finances one approval away from completion – Motlogelwa

Botswana Football Association (BFA) Second Vice President, Pelotshweu Motlogelwa, says the long awaited report on the association’s finances is just one approval away from being complete.

Motlogelwa, who heads BFA’s Finance committee, says the FA auditors have long finished and submitted the finished audit report to his committee.

“The finance committee has looked into the audited report and have approved it. As is the norm, we have since passed it to the BFA National Executive Committee (NEC) and they have also approved it,” said Motlogelwa. The BFA second vice president further added that the report was presented to the NEC by himself as the Finance Committee chairman during its meeting which was held on 17 November.

“The next step will now be for the BFA NEC, represented by the association president Maclean Letshwiti and myself, to present it to the Audit and Compliance committee, who will run a fine comb through it,” he explained.
Motlogelwa said once the Audit and Compliance committee approves the report, only then can it be presented to the BFA General Assembly.

On when they expect to make a presentation to the Audit and Compliance committee, and when the Special General Assembly will be called to discuss the audit report, Motlogelwa said everything points to January and February next year.

“As it is right now, most of the members of the audit and compliance committee are already gone for holidays and they cannot form a quorum to discuss the financials. However, we are hopeful that the committee will meet in the second week of January where we will make our presentation,” he said.

“If they approve the audited financials, we will then move to call the Special General Assembly either at the end of January or at the beginning of February. If they do not approve, we will then have to back to correct them,” he continued.

Although the audit report is yet to pass through the audit and compliance committee, Motlogelwa has reiterated that he is very optimistic the report will be approved.

In the build up to BFA’s last Annual General Assembly (AGA) where he was supposed to present the association’s audited financials, allegations were making rounds that Motlogelwa and some people within the BFA would be forced to quit following some irregularities in the association’s financial reports.

“With the Audit and Compliance committee, anything is possible. This committee is made up of professional accountants and I have no doubt they will intensely scrutinise the report. However, we have nothing to hide and we are very confident they will find the report in order,” he said.

Motlogelwa dismissed the allegations that there was something fishy in his committee’s failure to present BFA financials at the past AGA.

“The truth of the matter is that we had to consolidate all BFA financials for the year. This includes financials of other structures of the BFA, among them the Botswana Premier League, First Division, Women Football as well as Regional Football Associations (RAF),” the BFA second vice president explained.

Going forth, the chairman of the BFA Financial committee said they do not envisage to have delayed reports as all the association structures are now aligned and ‘know what they have to do’ for the next financial audit.

On whether world football governing body, FIFA will approve such a late submission of financials which should have been presented last year, Motlogelwa said they have been updating FIFA on the matter ans they understood BFA’s position.

“We cannot access any FIFA grants if we do not present our audited financials. We have therefore continued to engage FIFA and we are hopeful that once the report has been approved by all the relevant BFA structures and FIFA, we will be able to ask for and be given grants,” he concluded.



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