Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Motswana student dies mysteriously in Malaysia

A female Motswana post-graduate student has died under mysterious circumstances in Malaysia. 

It is close to a month since the corpse has been lying in a mortuary in that country while the family awaits patiently for the repatriation of the body to Botswana for burial when international flights resume.    

Reports from Malaysia reaching The Telegraph suggest that the female Motswana post graduate from Tlokweng (names withheld) who was sponsored by Limkokwing University has allegedly died under mysterious circumstances.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that the family is at loggerheads with the both the ministry of Foreign Affair and the school as the family requested for financial assistance repatriate the corpse from Malaysia to Botswana for a decent burial and closure.

It is reported that the family approached the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Corporation to seek help but the ministry turned down the request of the family.

It is also reported that now the family is negotiating with the high learning institution on how best they could eventually bury the deceased in Botswana.      

Responding to this publication, spokesperson of Limkokwing University Mercy Thebe in a short statement said: “Limkokwing management regrets to confirm the passing away of one of our Botswana students who was studying in Malaysia.”

“Due to the sensitivity of the matter and out of respect for the memory of the departed  and the dignity of the grieving family  friends and colleagues and loved ones, we seek your understanding as we are not at liberty to  respond to your questions at this time,” she said.    

Family spokesperson Tidimalo Motlhotse briefly confirmed the death. She said though she cannot give much details on the matter, currently the family is busy negotiating with school on how the corpse can be repatriated from Malaysia to Botswana for burial.

“As you might be aware there are currently no flights globally due to COVID 19 therefore once that is over, we hope that the corpse will be flown in to Botswana,” she said. 

The Ministry of International Affairs and Cooperation was unable to response to this publication queries at the time of going to press. Due to the impact of COVID-19, a number of Governments have imposed passenger and/or flight restrictions.


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