Saturday, June 22, 2024

Moupo sues Modubule and Comrade Moore

Botswana National Front (BNF) President Otsweletse Moupo has dragged Lobatse MP Nehemiah Modubule and the party’s former ideologue, Dr Elmon Tafa, before the High Court, demanding that the duo be restrained from claiming that they are BNF members.

Before the fallout, the three were some of the BNF’s leading leftists.
While Moupo’s BNF led Central Committee has long expelled Modubule and Tafa, the two have steadfastly maintained that they are still BNF members.
They say they do not recognise Moupo as BNF leader.

In fact, Tafa leads what he calls a Temporary Platform; a structure that runs parallel to the BNF from where he occasionally aims jabs at Moupo and his leadership style.

In a Telephone interview with The Telegraph, Moupo explained that he is not the one suing, adding that it is the party that has decided to sue Modubule and Tafa.

He said that the BNF does not need to instruct a lawyer to handle the case stating that he is representing the party as its President.

“The BNF is entitled to protection of the law,” Moupo said.

He explained that despite being expelled, Modubule and Tafa campaigned as BNF members prior to the October general elections.

Moupo stated that even to date the two still masquerade as BNF members when in actual fact they are not. If anything, he said, the two men should have appealed their expulsion.

“We want the court to restrain them from claiming to be BNF members,” he said on Monday.

Contacted for comment on the case, Tafa confirmed being slapped with court papers but declined to comment further.
“I have been served with the papers and I will accordingly appear in court,” he said.

However, Modubule said that he has only heard about the lawsuit but has not been served with any court papers. He said that if anything he hopes reports that he and Tafa had a case to answer against the BNF is a joke.

“I don’t believe this is the time to persist with tactics of taking the party down the drain,” said Modubule.


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