Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Moyo showers praises on late Gaolathe

Last week as the Jackalas 1 Village residents in the North East District celebrated the Vision 2016 awareness month, Member of Parliament for Tati East, Samson Guma Moyo, showered the late Member of Parliament for Tonota North, Baledzi Gaolathe, with praises, saying that he was a distinguished member of parliament who worked tirelessly and worked well with his patriots.

Moyo who took the participants through an emotional historical journey said that Gaolathe was his personal mentor who led the nation into exacting its aspirations for the future.

“Minister Gaolathe worked with patriots who had faith in themselves and their faith in God and these patriots assisted us to clarify our needs and our wants for now, then and the future,” he said.

Although there were murmurs among some of the audience members who felt Moyo was becoming politically inclined in his speech, Moyo forged on to chant the importance of Botho, saying that it is high time that Batswana leaders, and the nation at large, observe the value of Botho for Vision 2016 to be attainable.

He went further to stress that the spirit of Botho sometimes is often directly equated to good manners, which, in his opinion, tends to be deceiving. He said that Botho, as a value, is centered on the preparedness by individuals to become winners and leaders through deferring or delaying pleasure and enjoyment to concentrate on the bigger picture and collective gain.

“Only this way can our societies produce people who can think critically, live creatively, choose freely, solve problems effectively, communicate effectively, analyze complex issues, develop enlightened values and develop those who can think through the way they relate with one another and their environment,” he remarked.

However, he emphisised that vision 2016 initiative should be driven and respected by all leaders and citizens as it is a trail that Batswana have set for themselves collectively being a democratic society. He added that Batswana need to ask themselves if they have moved from where they were and provide a clear map to where they are heading. Moyo also stated that they also need to analyze if they have detailed objectives and activities and how their achievement could be ensured.


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