Monday, February 26, 2024

Mozambique believed to be source of dagga trafficked into Botswana

There is a strong suspicion that most of the dagga that is trafficked into Botswana, especially in the Northern Region, is from Mozambique, says Alfred Morapedi, the Police Station Officer at the Narcotics Flora and Fauna Division in Francistown.

Morapedi told The Sunday Standard in an interview that their intelligence unit had uncovered information about a number of syndicates in Mozambique who are liaising with Batswana to traffic drugs into Botswana through Zimbabwe.

“Although there is a common belief that dagga is trafficked from Zimbabwe into Botswana, our intelligence unit has gathered information that this dagga is actually from Mozambique and passes through Zimbabwe into Botswana. It seems these syndicates in Mozambique have found a lucrative market of dagga in Botswana,” he said.

Morapedi added that they are still conducting some investigations on the veracity of the intelligence information. He is further concerned that drug trafficking continues to be a serious concern, especially in Francistown having recorded 15 cases of drug trafficking from January this year to date, involving 14 males and 4 females.

Asked about drug usage in schools particularly in Francistown, Morapedi said that they are working day and night to educate students at these schools about the dangers associated with drugs use.

“We continue to intensify our campaigns with students, parents and teachers on drugs. I am pleased to note that drug cases in schools in Francistown have reduced. It shows that our message is going through,” he said.

Morapedi is also worried over the rising cases of poaching in the northern region. He said that most of the poachers target elephant for their tusks.

“Cases of poaching are a serious concern. Last year we had 5 cases of possession of elephant tusks here in Francistown and this year we have so far recorded one case,” Morapedi said.


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