Friday, June 21, 2024

MP saved by COVID-19 from criminal charges – for now

This week’s COVID-19 parliamentary session saved Nata/Gweta MP Polson Majaga from being arrested and questioned following allegations of defilement. Armed with a warrant of arrest, Botswana police officers in Gaborone this week refused to arrest Majaga while parliament was in session.

A Botswana Police-Northern Division Situation Report; dated 5th May, 2020, a copy of which has been passed to the Sunday Standard reveals that Majaga is being investigated by Nata police officers Nata Police for allegedly defiling a 16 year old minor from Malelejwe cattle post near Nata village.According to the situation report, “the incident occurred between September 2019 and March 2020.The reporter Gobusamang George of age 46 alleged that her daughter being the victim is seven (7) months pregnant and that the Member of Parliament Nata-Gweta Constituency Polson Majaga is responsible. When questioned by the mother, the victim revealed that she has been sleeping with him since September 2019. 

The reporter further states that they have made attempt to contact the suspect on his cellphone and did not deny the pregnancy but promised to take care of it and child after. He never fulfilled the promise and they decided to report the matter. The victim was taken to Sowa clinic for medical attention. No arrest made. Case under investigation (U/I),’’read part of situation reportIn an interview with Sunday standard, MP Majaga who was on his way to his Constituency confirmed that he was aware of the defilement allegations levelled against him.“I’m aware that Nata Police has launched an investigations against me, but as a leader I’m currently on my way to my constituency so that I can avail myself to the police so that they can furnish me with whatever document’s they have and to allow for justice to take its cause’’ said Majaga.

Majaga accused his political rivals for plotting his political downfall. He told the Sunday Standard that he was aware of some Botswana Democratic party (BDP) who are trying every trick in the book to dislodge him from his constituency and end his political career.

“I’m aware of some political syndicates who are doing everything to destroy my reputation and they are doing everything they can to destroy my political leadership. These are my opponents and they are using unfortunate families (destitute) residing in some settlements in my constituency to get rid of me. I know all of them (political opponents-syndicates) because some are staying in some of these cattle post while others are in Gaborone, ’’said Majaga

Explaining how he got to know about the pregnant minor, Majaga told Sunday Standard that, “I interacted with her parents last year during my political campaign and she was also known to me. The victim and her parents are from one of the three settlements in my constituency which forms part of seven villages under remote area programs. I was surprised when they were to start doing some casual work at my Guest House that the 16 year old was said to be pregnant. It is news to me that I impregnated the girl and that I have promised to look after her. It’s a lie because I never promise her family anything and we never discussed anything in relation to her pregnancy.  That is why I’m going to my Constituency office to establish if there is any police summons, if not, then I will voluntarily approach Sowa Police Station to find out,’’ said Majaga.


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