Friday, April 19, 2024

MP threatens to boycott parliament

Should parliament continue to be without a convincing number of legislators in the future, the MP for Mahalapye East, Botlogile Tshireletso, has threatened to miss parliament as a way of protesting against MP’s who do not attend parliamentary sessions.

Presenting her motion to parliament on Friday, Tshireletso said she was tired of some MPs who do not care to listen to other MPs’ motions whereas they want theirs to be listened to.
She threatened to do the same should the trend continue unabated.

“I have noticed with great concern that whenever some MP’s are presenting motions in parliament some MPs walk out. I am always in the House to hear every motion from any MP. Deputy speaker can bear the testimony as she often sends me out to call these MPs. But I am afraid the House is almost empty as I present my important motion,” she said, adding she would boycott parliament in the future.

She presented her motion that seeks the honourable House to resolve that debt collectors be brought under supervision, direction and oversight of the Registrar and Master of the High court, as is the case with deputy sheriffs and court bailiffs and messengers of court. Tshireletso said that debt collectors do as they wish with regard to people’s properties as there is no law that monitors and controls them. She further said the debt collectors, more often than not, seize people’s properties that are more worthy than the money owed by an individual, citing an example in Mahalapye whereby a certain individual was dispossessed of his generator simply because he owed two thousand pula.

She said as far as she knew, these debt collectors were meant to collect money not properties. Further, she said these collectors never advertise as is the case with deputy sheriffs but, instead, just pounce on stranded individuals and go away with their properties.

Should the law be enforced, both sides would benefit as they would both be protected by the existing law. She said even the government would also benefit through tax.

Tshireletso called for MP’s support and MP Masisi called on the government to act sooner rather than later as the debt collectors were terrorizing the unsuspecting and unknowledgeable citizens of this country.

He asked the government to enforce the law as soon as possible as some of the businesses are run by rascals expelled from government and private companies.

He also cited the case in which a certain individual was dispossessed of his truck on the grounds that the same would be at the police station for the time he was searching for the money.

The truck was in fact at the cattle-post busy loading and unloading water-melons, he said.


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