Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Mpepu Theater Play in Mochudi

The Mpepu theatre play is set to show at Ntefo Conference Centre in Mochudi. Coordinated by Arts veteran John Marumo, the Mpepu show is aimed at promoting and bringing theatre arts to Mochudi.

Mpepu theatre play celebrates the power of women. It looks at the thoughts about how society views women, as individuals and most importantly as mothers. It aims at empowering women through the adversities she faces as a mother, the pains she endures whilst trying to make a living and taking care of her children. The lead role is played by award winning actress in Kgomotso Ratsie who has starred in TV productions such as Etv’s Scandal. She will be supported by another award winning stage drama actress Nkabe Kedumele and actor Lucas Kgosi. The play is scheduled for the November 30, 2018 at Ntefo Conference in Mochudi.

The play’s coordinator John Marumo says they are excited for the show as it looks into how women struggle on an everyday basis. “We decided to do the play to shed light on what women go through every day.  The struggles she faces and how she is often not appreciated as she should be.” He says he hopes at the end of the play women will be accorded the respect they deserve and uplifted and celebrated because they are loved and appreciated.


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