Thursday, September 28, 2023

BOBEU suspects foul play in attempted break-in

The Botswana Bank Employees Union (BOBEU) has suspicions that whoever tried to break into their office this past week was trying to steal vital information that the union might or might not be in possession of. The Union does not believe that the attempted burglary on Friday was a random act, citing reasons that everyone knows that the office belonged to the union.

A case that has already been reported to the police, it’s said that the attempted burglary was discovered on Friday morning. It’s also said that the alleged thieves only managed to break the side door of the BOBEU office. They believe that the only reason the intruders could not succeed was because the security alarm rang and alerted the security company which probably scared the would be thieves.

In an interview with the Sunday Standard, the General Secretary of BOPEU, Keitshokile Basuti, said that its common knowledge that the union represents employees of commercial banks and that they do not keep money or valuables in the office.

“Our suspicions are that somebody, we can’t pinpoint who, was trying to look for information that he/she knows we are in possession of,” said Basuti.

He said that their suspicions arose because the union is in possession of a lot of written documentation in forms of records and information about the past and recent cases they have been involved in. Basuti said they don’t have any suspects in mind as of yet because they deal with a broad number of employee issues.

Basuti said that the union is currently reviewing the security of their office and that there is a possibility of installing newer and better security measures to avoid situations of that kind in the future.


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