Sunday, November 28, 2021

MPs slam media for sensational reporting

MPs on Thursday severely criticised the media for feeding the nation with negative information regarding MPs? salary increment.

Debating the bill that seeks to amend and increase MPs salaries by 6 percent with effect from April 1, 2007 some MPs expressed dissatisfaction over several media houses for feeding the nation with negative information.

Selebi-Phikwe East MP, Nonofo Molefhi, said the media had made the public believe that MPs are only interested in lining their pockets with public resources at the expense of ordinary Batswana.
Molefhi said MPs are now considered selfish and corrupt individuals who are only interested in enriching themselves because of some journalists.
Molefhi faulted Mmegi and the Gazette publications.

He said the media had the tendency to portray a false, bad picture about the MPs thereby misleading the nation with negative reports.

He cited an example in which the media talked of ?the modest increments for civil servants? whilst MPs? increments were referred to as ?pay-hikes.?
Such reporting, he said, was unfair.

He said the media was abusive as it had led the public to believe that MPs are getting a lot of money.

?We are not getting much,? he asserted.

Molefhi said they are just asking for a 6 percent increment just like other working individuals. He called for the media to be cautious when reporting such sensitive issues, adding that rapport between the MPs, the public and the media was necessary.
Gaborone South MP, Akanyang Magama, called for the media to embark on comparative analysis before reaching out to the public.

Specially elected MP, Botsalo Ntuane, shared the same sentiments and added that whenever MPs asked for better remunerations, there is a degree of ill-will from the public.

Recently, he said, parliament discussed the judges? salary increments without negative media reporting.


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