Sunday, September 27, 2020

Mugabe needs to be closely monitored

I do not know what to do about the Government of National Unity in Zimbabwe.

I do not know what to say about Robert Mugabe.

I do not think the Movement for Democratic change knows what to do with the situation slowly unfolding before their eyes.

For now, they are hunting for money and Mugabe and his goons love that as Mugabe sits back and watches Tsvangirai run errands for him while he holds on to power.

We closed our eyes and swallowed the bitter pill with the hope that, pungent as the medication might have been, the cure would come.

We had pushed fear, mistrust and doubt aside and installed hope into our hearts believing that evil, having been given so much time to play itself out, would now die away and release the suffering souls in Zimbabwe.

The MDC, in general, and Mr Tsvangirai, in particular, weathered a barrage of criticism for having accepted a faulty arrangement as a foundation for reviving the nation.

Tsvangirai had won the elections but, in the end, allowed himself to accept only a small potion of what he should have received in an effort to get a foot in the door and work to somehow correct the situation from within or from a more intimate position than was the case before.

But, as is evident now, there was never any intention, on the part of either Robert Mugabe or his ZANU-PF party, to work towards the healing of the nation.

What is the international community to say now?

What has SADC to say now that they forced the people of Zimbabwe to put their hope in the hands of their presidential candidate Mugabe who, apparently, had assured SADC of his honest intentions when accepting this deal?

Does SADC not want to keep an eye on the situation since it was them who played midwife to a deformed idea?
SADC cannot melt into the background in silence; they could help the situation by coming out in the open and urging or criticizing the man they worked so hard to protect, to the detriment of the Zimbabwean people.

Now Mugabe is betraying not only the Zimbabwean people but is betraying SADC itself, South Africa and all those who, against common sense but driven by a true desire to bring sanity and life back to Zimbabwe, believed that Mugabe and his goons, if assured of security, might just let justice, peace and well being be restored in Zimbabwe.

I am one of those who believed that the MDC was ill advised to enter into this arrangement because I said I was afraid of the consequences. Mugabe and ZANU-PF never took a break continue with their evil ways, displaying malicious attitudes towards the recovery of our nation.

I am one of those who wrote passionately against the GNU but urged for a transitional government instead.
But somewhere deep inside me, I had a tiny flame of hope. I dared nurse that tiny flame believing, in all honesty, that ZANU-PF would accept this gesture from the people of Zimbabwe and use it to somehow show that even though mistakes were made in the past, we can forge ahead and reclaim our nationhood that we had lost to ourselves.

Now here we are, betrayed, once again, by the very same people we set out to forgive and whom the nation was grudgingly preparing to give another chance.

The arrests continue as evidenced by the arrest of an opposition cabinet minister and others. Farms continue to be invaded and while Mugabe was swearing in cabinet ministers, 120 farmers, whose only crimes were owning a farm, were being dragged into court over farms taken away from them after the government of national unity was officially inaugurated.

Even the police do not appear to know or accept the new dispensation.
Indeed, on the very day that was to signal a new beginning as ministers from parties concerned were sworn in, all with Bibles in hand, Mugabe himself was childish enough to try to cheat by swearing into government more ministers than agreed to with SADC.

Our missing remain unaccounted for although some are known to be alive but are being held somewhere. Mugabe refuses to release them or to provide them with adequate medical attention.

While the MDC hungrily sets out to revive the nation, ZANU-PF continues to snap at its heels, pulling down those who are supposed to be spearheading the charge towards national revival.
Clearly, ZANU-PF has never comfortably lived and survived under law and order or under circumstances that spell peace and prosperity. ZANU-PF cannot survive in the absence of chaos, murder, rape and starvation.

Like any other tokoloshi fetish, ZANU-PF can only survive, not in water but in the blood of those closest to it, the blood of innocent Zimbabweans.
ZANU-PF needs to be cleansed in every sense of the word and it needs to be cleansed before anyone may shake its hand.

How can a group of people, who qualify to be called a party on a national scale, be so comfortable with their imposition of the worst forms of life in people? How can they strive so hard to bring so much misery not only to their nation but across their borders?
How can ZANU-PF find encouragement in the death of its homeland yet people and the country gave it so much support and nursed it when it was wounded and under attack?
What kind of souls pervade ZANU-PF?

With all good intentions gone badly, SADC has an opportunity to redeem itself in the eyes of the world and all they need to do is to chastisize Mugabe while firmly urging him to accept the letter and spirit of the agreement.
SADC must show some spine and tell Mugabe to accept this honestly or they should dump him.

We have 90 percent unemployment; out of 12 million people, 5 million are in exile; cholera is killing thousands among those living in one of the world’s countries with the lowest life expectancy of 35 years while more than five million out of the seven million in Zimbabwe need food aid.
And SADC and South Africa keep quiet while Mugabe continues playing such games!

However, SADC must not, for goodness’ sake, let someone called Muammar al-Gaddafi anywhere near the Zimbabwean issue.

SADC must soldier on; but they must be heard and not take retrogressive comfort in ‘quiet diplomacy’.

Yes, the MDC rushed into this without giving it sufficient thought.
Yes, it was ill advised to trust Mugabe and ZANU-PF but all that is water under the bridge.

What do we do now?
The MDC is slowly strengthening ZANU-PF while ZANU-PF’s assault on the MDC and its supporters have never been diminished. ZANU-PF wants to destroy the MDC.

Pretend as we may want, there is no common ground between the two groups. One wants to revive a nation while the other wants to destroy the other.
Will support for this GNU make it succeed when ZANU-PF knows it cannot survive in a normal peaceful atmosphere?
The battle is not over yet and I am glad that, at least, Mr Tsvangirai also knows that it is not going to be easy.
As a matter of fact, it is very dangerous. And the signs are beginning to show.
Even if they need support, we should never lose sight of a snake in the house.

Behind every silver lining, a huge black thundercloud lurks. And its name is Bob.


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