Thursday, April 25, 2024

Multichoice Botswana gives up on SABC channels showing in Botswana

Multichoice Botswana has lost its battle with the local audience in its bid to block locals from viewing SABC television channels in Botswana.

It has emerged that thousands of Batswana continue to flock to Mafikeng in the North west province of South Africa to buy DSTV decoders that allow the viewing of SABC channels.

Information also indicates that some locals are making a killing by travelling to South Africa to by multichoice set boxes at R600 a piece before selling them in Botswana at a cost between P1800 and P2500.

Billy Sekgororwane, the managing director of Multichoice Botswana has said he is aware of locals who view SABC channels in Botswana.

He said there is nothing that can be done.

He explained that their counterpart in South Africa is the only one that can intervene to block people from viewing SABC channels in Botswana.

He stated that most of the people who view these channels often give wrong information about themselves when they register in South Africa.

He said once one buys or registers in South Africa they should know that the money they should have spent in Botswana for national development will be used to better the lives of the South Africa citizens.

He said the choice to make is whether or not the individual wants to see his or her country moving forward in developments.
Sekgororwane advised the public to do the right thing for their country .

The general manager of e-Botswana television Joyce Manase Ntau said they have notified multichoice Botswana about the matter.
She indicated that this is not an easy matter to be resolved in a day as it needs serious attention and key players should come to the table.

She shared the same sentiments as Sekgororwane that it is unfortunate that it will be too difficult to arrest the situation in due course.

Meanwhile some locals have said until e-TV and BTV up their game they will do whatever it takes to view SABC channels as they are their favorite channels.

They further revealed that to register in South Africa one needs only R200.  They say they use anybody in the street and ask him or her for his personal details for registration purposes which is very easy and cheap.
They claimed not to be aware that it is criminal offence to register in South Africa.


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