Monday, August 8, 2022

Munhumutapa breaks silence on financiers

Munhumutapa Africa Broadcasting Corporation (MABC) this week broke their silence on their financiers
Speaking to The Sunday Standard, the chairman of MABC TV, Oscar Kubara, said “the funds come from a certain company in Australia”, adding that that company “is among the foreign-based shareholders” of MABC TV.

He said he is not at liberty to disclose either the names or companies that are foreign-based shareholders.
Kubara said both him and the local shareholders are unhappy with the negative publicity surrounding their venture saying this may scare away their financiers.

“My company is not in any money laundering business,” Kubara said, adding that he was challenging any person who thinks that the money is not clean to probe him and his company to ascertain if they are doing anything illegal.

Kubara strongly denied that his company had been turned down by commercial banks to open a bank account.
“MABC has a bank account that I can not disclose to the public.”

Once the funds arrive from Australia, he said, it will simply be deposited into their bank account.
Kubara cautioned the public to be aware that MABC is a private company in which they are not at all obliged to disclose their daily business dealings to the public.

He said be believes in transparency and, as MABC, they are transparent.
Kubara assured the public that the money will be available very soon.


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